Eye Candy Festival

A visual pop culture festival that takes place annually in Birmingham, UK. 13-15 November, 2014 at Boxxed, Digbeth and Southside, Birmingham.


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Here’s a little video of this month’s Festival. Check out the amazing work our commissioned artists produced for Southside, Birmingham.

Jeremyville at Eye Candy.

XMAS GIFT IDEAS: Grab yourself a Community Service Announcement tee from Jeremyville. There are several announcements to choose from or browse through the bags, stickers and books. It’s all recognisably Jeremyville and all very cool.

Tune in to Today - Jeremyville Community Service Announcement

Let’s Start a Movement - Jeremyville Community Service Announcement

Relax and Breath - Jeremyville Community Service Announcement

Don’t Let Conformity Weigh You Down - Jeremyville Community Service Announcement

Community Service Announcements

Brightening up our rainy Monday is Jeremyville’s Community Service Announcements which will be part of Eye Candy on the 13th and 14th October. We can’t wait to see which ones he’s chosen for the UK premier.

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